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Your Solution to Sleep Apnea in Novi at ENT Specialists

Don’t Sleep On It

If you are considering surgery to treat your snoring or sleep apnea, you’ve already taken the most important step; you’ve decided to make a change. You know that snoring and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is more than just an annoyance or a punchline. It can affect your mood and your health, and can even be fatal if left unchecked. At ENT Specialists in Novi, Brighton, and Bingham Farms, snoring and Sleep Apnea Surgery is the last step in a treatment plan to get you sleeping healthier (and quieter) without worrying about obstructive sleep apnea.

What options are there for Snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnea Surgery?


Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) surgery is not the same for everyone. Depending on the nature of your snoring or sleep apnea, there are multiple treatment options, ranging from non-surgical interventions that open the airway to various forms of surgery. Regardless of the specific surgery or treatment, the goal is the same: to open the airway while you sleep, thus eliminating the obstructions that cause snoring or sleep apnea. The most common types of Sleep Apnea Surgery in Novi are nasal surgery, palate surgery, tongue surgery, skeletal surgery, and nerve stimulation surgery. We also offer the AIRLIFT technique to stabilize the airway. If you suffer from snoring that is not related to sleep apnea, that can be treated with non-surgical techniques, as well as the Elevoplasty procedure to lift and stiffen the soft palate. During your consultation, your doctor at ENT Specialists will review your symptoms and case history and go through the different types of treatment options we provide to find a solution that works for you.

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What are the benefits of Sleep Apnea Surgery?

Breathe Easier

Close your eyes for a moment and take the deepest breath you can. Really focus on your breath as it moves into your lungs and through your body, providing life-giving oxygen to every living cell that makes you who you are. Imagine how you would feel if you woke up in the morning after an uninterrupted night of breathing like that.

Now imagine if you woke every morning like that — without machines or night guards. That is the benefit of successful Novi Sleep Apnea Surgery in some cases. In some cases, even surgery won’t be able to completely replace CPAP machines or guards. But they will make your nightly routine more comfortable and effective so that you can get better rest.

Am I a good candidate for Sleep Apnea Surgery?

Ready for a Change

If you snore or have obstructive sleep apnea that has been difficult to correct through non-surgical means but are an otherwise healthy adult, you might be a good candidate for Sleep Apnea Surgery. Different surgical interventions have different restrictions, so it’s important to work closely with your ENT at ENT Specialists to find the right treatment for you.

Your Snoring and Sleep Apnea Surgery

Diagnosis. Treatment. Recovery. Results.

During your sleep apnea consultation with ENT Specialists, your ENT will likely perform a series of tests to try and diagnose the nature of your sleep apnea. The most common of these is to insert a small fiber-optic scope through the nose with a camera on it to attempt to locate the blockage or blockages keeping you from a good night’s sleep. Once your diagnosis is complete, you and your ENT will work out a treatment plan to try and resolve your sleep apnea with the least invasive method possible. At ENT Specialists in Novi Sleep Apnea Surgery is always at the end of our treatment spectrum. If a less invasive method is available, that’s what we’ll recommend. If surgery is necessary, your ENT will work with you to determine the surgery plan that is right for you, along with a comprehensive recovery plan.

Sleep Apnea Surgery Recovery

A Healing Focus

Your recovery time will depend on the nature of your Sleep Apnea Surgery. Some surgical options have a recovery window of a few days. Others, like Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty (UPPP or UP3), can offer great results but take a month or two for a full recovery. As part of your surgery plan, your ENT will discuss your options and give you a detailed recovery timeline based on your recommended procedure so you can make the arrangements you need to heal comfortably and safely.

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Snoring and Sleep Apnea Surgery Results

A Safer Night’s Sleep

Following your recovery period, the doctors at ENT Specialists will continue to monitor your progress. Depending on the severity of your condition and the surgery to correct it, you might still need a CPAP machine or other night intervention to sleep safely. In other cases, you may be able to sleep without intervention. You will enjoy a better night’s sleep, feel more rested, and not have to worry about your OSA threatening your airway every time you go to bed.

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A Brighter Morning

You’ve taken the first step. You’ve decided you’re ready to make a change. Now, come to the best ENTs in Novi, Brighton, and Bingham Farms to guide you through the process. Our specialists offer state-of-the-art solutions with personalized care that will get you a better night’s sleep. Schedule a consultation today. We see patients from Novi, Brighton, and Bingham Farms for snoring and Sleep Apnea Surgery.

Sleep Apnea SurgeryFrequently Asked Questions

Absolutely, and surgery is our last option. In most cases, we offer a continuum of care for sleep apnea and snoring, including non-surgical and minimally invasive options first, including those to treat nasal obstruction, allergy testing and treatment, and other options to open up the airways without invasive surgery.

You will be sore immediately after your procedure, but you will absolutely still be able to talk! Our procedures treat sleep apnea without causing you to lose your ability to speak.

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