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VivAer in Novi, Michigan

VivAer in Novi with ENT Specialists

Breathe Easily Again

Living your life to the fullest might be difficult when you have a stuffy or congested nose. And when you try therapies at home, and over-the-counter drugs are ineffective, it can make one feel as though there is no hope. However, you are in luck since effective treatments are available for severe congestion, such as VivAer in Novi.

For years, ENT Specialists has been assisting patients in Michigan who struggle with nasal blockage in overcoming their symptoms, including by providing therapies such as VivAer. This highly skilled and caring staff has locations in Novi, Brighton, and Bingham Farms, and they will help you feel less restricted in your breathing so that you can go back to enjoying the life you deserve.

What is VivAer?

Experience Relief

A persistent stuffy nose can be caused by inflammation of the nasal membranes, and VivAer is a cutting-edge therapy for this condition. Inflammation of the mucous membranes and the turbinates, which are tiny internal structures, can be caused by irritation, sickness, or even heredity. When this occurs, they have the potential to restrict the passageways in your nose and decrease the flow of air. Radiofrequency radiation is directed towards the enlarged structures that can be treated with VivAer to shrink them to a more manageable size. This indicates that you might have unblocked pathways with as little as one outpatient treatment, which will leave you feeling relaxed and will make it simpler for you to breathe.

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What are the benefits of VivAer?

Restoring Restful Breathing

When it comes to eliminating nasal blockage in most individuals, VivAer is considered a safe and effective treatment. Of course, the results can often vary from patient to patient. Still, in general, you can expect relief in the form of better sleep, ease when breathing through the nose, improved air intake when exercising or during other strenuous physical activity, and less congestion or stuffiness in your nose.

Before receiving a VivAer treatment, it is necessary to have a comprehensive examination by one of our certified doctors at ENT Specialists because the human body and the condition of each individual is unique.

Am I a good candidate for VivAer?

Overcome Chronic Congestion

Those with minor septal deviation and moderate nasal cavity edema are the best candidates for our Novi VivAer treatment. Those who have paradoxically shut the nasal valve (nostrils) during inspiration are also good candidates. Buying "nasal cones" and trying them out is one approach to see if this process will work for you. If this helps, VivAer might be an excellent choice for you.

Your VivAer Procedure

Fight Your Congestion

Outpatient procedures are available at our cutting-edge facility in the Novi, Brighton, and Bingham Farms areas for VivAer treatments performed by our medical staff. During your appointment, you and the doctor will discuss your past and present medical conditions to develop a treatment strategy tailored specifically to your needs. First, we will often start by administering a topical, light anesthetic to the specific parts of the inside of your nose that will be treated.

Since this is a non-invasive technique, you can leave the clinic and return home immediately after your treatment. After the local anesthetic has taken effect, your specialist will carefully insert the revolutionary VivAer stylus through your nose and place it on the enlarged turbinates. After that, the probe is turned on, sending highly focused energy into the tissue, which ultimately causes the tissue to shrink. Your treatment plan may call for this operation to be performed in a few different spots within your nose. But, in general, the duration of the complete therapy is much shorter than half an hour.

VivAer Recovery

Stay Healthy

Following your treatment with VivAer Novi patients should be prepared for any moderate symptoms, such as minor bruising or swelling and slight bleeding or discharge. The treated region may also develop crusts, a normal side effect. Nevertheless, any discomfort is often relatively slight, and symptoms tend to vanish after roughly a week has passed.

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VivAer Results

Breathe Again

When you have finished recuperating completely, you should observe a discernible improvement in how you breathe. For example, when you breathe via your nose, you should notice a significant decrease in obstruction, and you should have a sense of relaxation.

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Patients in the state of Michigan who battle nasal obstruction have been receiving assistance from ENT Specialists. These highly trained and compassionate professionals are serving the Novi, Brighton, and Bingham Farms areas so that your breathing will feel less constrained as a result of using VivAer, allowing you to get back to the business of living and having fun.

VivAerFrequently Asked Questions

It does not require cutting, spares the surrounding tissues, including the mucosal lining, and is thus painless and harmless. During the operation, you may feel just minimal pressure.

While there is no evidence of adverse side effects, potential hazards include transient swelling around the bridge of the nose, crusting and debris on the inside of your nose, nasal stuffiness, infection, and bleeding for the first two weeks. If you have a chronic nasal blockage, are contemplating the VivAer surgery, or would like additional information, don't hesitate to get in touch with ENT Specialists.

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