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Hyoid Myotomy in Novi, Michigan

Hyoid Myotomy in Novi, Michigan at ENT Specialists

Simplify Your Sleep Apnea Treatment

Sleep apnea is a significant cause of chronic snoring, which can keep a patient and their significant other awake at night. But, in addition to being inconvenient, sleep apnea can put you at risk for significant health concerns if left untreated. Unfortunately, many patients use a CPAP machine to control their sleep apnea and the snoring that comes with it, only to be dissatisfied by the discomfort and difficulty of the sleep mask. Fortunately, there are more pleasant options, such as the Hyoid Myotomy AirLift therapy for sleep apnea. At ENT Specialists in Novi, Brighton, and Bingham Farms, our team is committed to assisting you in locating a treatment plan that meets your specific needs and delivers a long-term solution to your sleep apnea. Our Novi Hyoid Myotomy is a minimally invasive technique for Obstructive Sleep Apnea, is one of the therapies we provide (OSA). Schedule an appointment to discover more about how this easy and effective therapy works!

What is Hyoid Myotomy?

Become a Better Sleeper

Obstructive Sleep Apnea can be treated with Hyoid Myotomy AirLift Procedure, which is easy to use and works well (OSA). It is a natural way to suspend the hyoid and tongue that is meant to give immediate and long-lasting relief by opening the airway and keeping it open. AirLift is easy to put in and is covered by most insurance plans. Our doctors can do the AirLift procedure in as little as thirty minutes.

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What are the benefits of Hyoid Myotomy?

Look Rested and Alert

When it comes to treating obstructive sleep apnea, the benefits of hyoid suspension are plentiful. Even though there are risks with any surgery, published clinical studies have shown that hyoid suspension is safe and works to reduce the severity of obstructive sleep apnea. Your doctor will use the Encore system to suspend your hyoid. This system lets the procedure be done through a single, small cut, and the whole thing usually takes less than an hour.

Every patient's recovery is different, but because hyoid suspension does not directly affect the soft tissues of the tongue and the base of the tongue, it is usually less painful than other treatments for obstructive sleep apnea that directly affect the soft tissues of the airway. In addition, in the rare case of side effects that don't go away or other problems after Hyoid Myotomy treatment, the hyoid suspension and all materials used for implantation can be easily taken out. Hyoid suspension can be used with other medicine or surgery to treat sleep apnea. It does not limit future treatment options if you have a progressive disease.

Am I a good candidate for Hyoid Myotomy?

Control Snoring

People with sleep apnea whose other treatments haven't helped are good candidates for our Hyoid Myotomy in Novi. This includes people who have tried a CPAP machine or other tools to help with their sleep apnea.

Your Hyoid Myotomy Procedure

Ditch The CPAP

Pauses characterize sleep apnea in breathing during sleep caused by an intermittent airway blockage. With a Hyoid Myotomy Novi patients can solve this risky condition by suspending the tongue and the hyoid, a U-shaped bone that supports the tongue. Once implanted, the AirLift device immediately begins opening and stabilizing the airway, relieving snoring and other sleep apnea symptoms.

Hyoid Myotomy Recovery

Immediately Better Rest

For the first three days after surgery, sleep with your head raised 45 degrees. Even if it hurts, force yourself to drink water. Drinking drinks with sugar and vitamins, like juice or Gatorade, is essential. Protein and fat are also crucial for healing and keeping your energy up. After two weeks, you should be able to eat normally again. Stay away from foods with sharp edges, which can cause bleeding. At first, a small amount of liquid may come back up through your nose. Chewing gum is a great way to get rid of this pain. Also, some pain in the ear or jaw is common after Hyoid Myotomy surgery on the throat. This is because the throat has been hurt or swollen, which sends pain to other body parts.

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Hyoid Myotomy Results

Long-Lasting and Adjustable

The Hyoid Myotomy was developed to be long-lasting while also being wholly reversible and fully customizable. This indicates that if you are satisfied with the outcomes of your treatment, you will continue to enjoy the advantages for many years into the future. On the other hand, the airway hyoid suspension system may be quickly and simply removed if you decide that it isn't working for you or if you choose that you would want to try a different therapy for your sleep apnea.

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Put Your Concerns to Rest

If you are concerned about snoring or sleep apnea, our specialists will work with you to develop a solution that is unique to you. Our sleep specialists are delighted to provide a variety of sophisticated treatment methodologies to assist every patient in conquering their snoring troubles comfortably and securely in the Novi, Brighton, and Bingham Farms areas of Michigan. So schedule a consultation with ENT Specialists to determine whether Hyoid Myotomy is right for you.

Hyoid MyotomyFrequently Asked Questions

The hyoid bone is situated in the front of the neck, slightly below the lower jaw. It is responsible for supporting the weight of the tongue and plays an integral part in both the production of speech and the process of swallowing.

Most insurance plans cover the cost of the AirLift procedure. Contact ENT Specialists to find out if your insurance will cover the procedure.

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