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ClariFix in Novi, Michigan

ClariFix in Novi with ENT Specialists

Breathe Easy All Year Long

It's the same every year in the fall and winter. No matter what you do, you're stuck with a runny nose or nasal congestion. Patients in Novi, Brighton, and Bingham Farms Michigan, have been coming to ENT Specialists for more than 20 years to get relief from their nose and sinus issues. A pioneer in revolutionary procedures like balloon sinus dilatation, we're now offering patients the minimally invasive ClariFix in Novi to help reduce persistent runny nose or nasal congestion. So schedule your consultation today to get the relief you deserve.

What is ClariFix?

Simple and Effective Solution

ClariFix is a breakthrough treatment that addresses the root of persistent rhinitis using cryotherapy or controlled cooling. Cryotherapy has been used for a wide range of medical operations throughout the years, so it has a long track record of safety and efficacy. In this role, cryotherapy provides patients with long-term relief from the cold-like sensations of chronic rhinitis without the need for incisions, anesthesia, or downtime. Our doctors at ENT Specialists perform the ClariFix treatment in approximately an hour in our office, and patients often show considerable improvement after only one treatment session.

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What are the benefits of ClariFix?

A Clear Head

At our office in Novi ClariFix Sinus Treatment can offer relief to those plagued with chronic sinusitis or rhinitis. An unblocked nasal passage leads to you feeling good after using ClariFix. It is easy and painless to use at ENT Specialists. Four out of five people utilizing this treatment report feeling better for weeks afterward without any significant side effects. The procedure doesn't cause any tissue damage or have many risks associated with its usage. Recovery is quick from treatment, only requiring one treatment session.

Am I a good candidate for ClariFix?

Resolve Congestion

People with moderate to severe chronic rhinitis symptoms are good candidates for ClariFix. Some of these symptoms are a runny nose, stuffy nose, sneezing, trouble sleeping because of nose pain, and itching. Moderate symptoms are those that are there and often bother the person, while severe symptoms are always there and make it hard for the person to do daily things.

Your ClariFix Procedure

Stop Suffering

The Nasal Cryotherapy technique with ClariFix is a straightforward in-office treatment option. Along with the insertion of an endoscope into the nostril, a local anesthetic is first administered to the region around the nerve that is located within your nose. Then a tiny, freezing applicator is put into the nostril. Finally, a cooling chemical is administered to the unbalanced nerve for one minute.

ClariFix Recovery

Breathing Made Easy

With ClariFix Novi patients get a non-invasive treatment, so there is usually not much downtime afterwards. Many people can return to their everyday lives the next day or even the same day as the procedure. You probably won't have to ask your boss for time off. After the procedure, you might feel some pain in the nose area. Some people get a mild headache, which usually goes away in a day. It's common for nasal congestion to get worse, but this usually goes away quickly. Your doctor might tell you to drink something hot after taking ClariFix to help improve the results. You might also feel better if you use a saline nasal spray. After the procedure, you'll probably be told not to blow your nose for at least a week.

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ClariFix Results

A Fresh Set Of Senses

Patients usually notice a difference two to six weeks following the operation. The vast majority of our patients report considerable improvement in nasal runniness and congestion. Four out of every five patients say that their alleviation is long-lasting. If you have chronic rhinitis and want to understand how to get rid of your symptoms for good, now is the time to learn more about ClariFix.

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Freedom from your Sinuses

ClariFix unblocks your nasal passages, providing relief like you haven't seen in years. ENT Specialists in Novi, Brighton, and Bingham Farms Michigan, have been helping patients alleviate their sinus disorders for over 20 years. Book a consultation today if you are looking for quick relief!

ClariFixFrequently Asked Questions

The process causes just minor pain. Although you may feel some pressure and a cooling feeling, the procedure is not unpleasant.

The procedure's cost is determined by the type of insurance you have. Therefore, we recommend contacting your insurance provider first to determine your potential out-of-pocket expenses. We can also supply the appropriate information for your insurance provider or further details on a self-pay option to give you the most accurate cost estimate.

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