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Voice Care and Voice Therapy in Novi, MI

Your Voice Is An Asset

People in many professions use their voices as part of their daily routine and must ensure they can speak or sing clearly and without discomfort. But even interacting with family and friends can be challenging for anyone dealing with voice or vocal cord issues. Whether you're a professional singer, public speaker, or someone seeking relief from vocal problems, our Novi Voice Therapy and Voice Care procedures can be a highly effective means of restoring and enhancing your verbal abilities.

Voice Therapy and Voice Care Procedures at ENT Specialists

Vocal Health Is Essential

We understand that taking care of your voice may not only be critical to your quality of life and overall well-being, but vocal care may also be crucial to your career and how you make a living. Whether sudden and unexpected or perhaps an issue that's been gradually worsening over a period of time, our highly skilled and trained physicians at ENT Specialists in Novi, MI, can help you find a solution, restore your vocal health, and get you and your voice back into top functioning condition. There are several strategies and vocal treatments that we may use to address your concerns and achieve ideal outcomes.

Laryngeal Videostroboscopy

Laryngeal Videostroboscopy is a specialized diagnostic tool used to assess the health and function of the larynx, also known as the voice box. This innovative technology uses a combination of video and stroboscopic light to capture detailed, slow-motion images of the vocal cords in action. Known as a laryngeal strobe, this method is primarily used to diagnose and address voice disorders and can help to identify conditions such as vocal cord nodules, polyps, cysts, and other conditions affecting vocal cord function.


Phonomicrosurgery is a highly-precise procedure aimed at diagnosing and treating various vocal cord pathologies and disorders. It involves the use of advanced technology and micro-instruments to achieve remarkable precision during vocal cord surgery. During the surgery, the patient is typically under general or local anesthesia with sedation. An endoscope is inserted through the mouth, and surgical microscopes with powerful magnification capabilities are used to provide a close-up view of the vocal cords. Then, tiny, specialized surgical instruments are used, allowing surgeons to work with precision and minimize damage to surrounding tissues.

Laser Larynx Surgery

Laser larynx surgery uses high-powered medical lasers to perform precise incisions and tissue removal during vocal cord surgery. This procedure is commonly used to address various vocal cord conditions, including benign lesions like nodules, polyps, and cysts, as well as malignant conditions like vocal cord cancer. The focused energy of light beams allows for precise tissue removal and minimizes trauma to the delicate vocal cords, reducing the risk of complications. Patients often experience improved voice quality and function following laser larynx surgery.

Voice Therapy

At our office in Novi Voice Therapy combines technology and therapeutic techniques to address a wide range of voice-related issues. Voice therapy may include voice analysis systems or acoustic analysis software to assess the pitch, loudness, and quality of a person's voice, which provides objective data to guide treatment. Practitioners may then prescribe specific vocal exercises designed to strengthen vocal muscles, improve breath control, and enhance overall vocal function.

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Why choose ENT Specialists?

ENT Specialists in Novi, MI, is a completely comprehensive practice, and our team of highly qualified physicians can address a wide variety of concerns related to the voice and vocal cords, sinus problems, hearing issues, and beyond. Founder Dr. Christine Lepoudre is dedicated to serving the community by offering the most innovative solutions, stellar patient care, and excellent outcomes for every patient.

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Voice Therapy and Voice Care Procedures Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, these treatments are for anyone who frequently uses their voice in their profession or for hobbies, such as teachers, professors, public speakers, or podcasters—not just singers.

While any procedure, especially when invasive, carries risks, as trained and qualified professionals, we do all we can to ensure our patients receive safe, high-quality care and positive outcomes.

In most cases, no, a referral from your primary care doctor is not needed when visiting our practice.

We accept many different types of insurance and are happy to help you navigate your coverage for ENT services. Please contact our office for any questions regarding health insurance or financing.

This varies greatly depending on the nature of the treatment and the extent of necessary care. We do have financing options and are happy to help walk you through the process if you have any questions.

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