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Skin Lesion Removal & Excision in Novi, Michigan

Skin Lesion Removal & Excision in Novi, MI

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Moles, scars, warts, and cysts may cause anxiety for many people. Luckily, these in-office removal treatments are usually quick, easy, and painless. These treatments are available from our specialists at ENT Specialists in Novi, Brighton, and Bingham Farms. Skin Lesion Removal & Excision is also available at ENT Specialists for malignant and non-cancerous skin blemishes. Our experts focus on proper healing following skin lesion excision or other forms of skin cancer therapy, especially if it's related to melanoma treatment. Schedule your consultation today!

What is skin lesion removal & excision?

Cut Out Your Concerns

While most skin lesions aren't harmful, you could nevertheless prefer to get rid of them for practical or aesthetic reasons. With different skin lesions, different ways of removal are employed. Non-surgical treatment options exist for some conditions, such as benign (non-cancerous) warts. However, surgical removal may be necessary for larger or more difficult-to-remove skin lesions. If you have a skin lesion showing signs of malignancy, your doctor may recommend surgery for you (for example, a mole that has changed shape or color). A pathologist will study the cells in the tissue to see if it's malignant or not and, if so, what kind of cancer it is. At ENT Specialists, we strive to provide the best Skin Lesion Removal & Excision Novi has to offer!

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What are the benefits of skin lesion removal & excision?

Leave your worry at the door

Skin growths can range from just unsightly to gravely harmful. But, in most cases, they can be removed quickly and easily with a few swipes of a finger. ENT Specialists can assist you if you're worried about the health or look of your skin. Our team of doctors and surgeons will answer your concerns.

If skin growth is malignant or on the verge of becoming cancerous, it should be removed as soon as possible. Skin-grow surgery is among the least time-consuming procedures available. A large majority of these take less than 30 minutes to complete, with some requiring as little as 5-10 minutes to complete.

Am I a good candidate for skin lesion removal & excision?

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Patients of all ages with moles, warts, skin tags, or keratoses can benefit from our Novi Skin Lesion Removal & Excision procedures. Your medical procedure can also be done for aesthetic purposes. If you're plagued by persistent itching and burning of the skin, want to get a skin blemish removed, or are concerned about the potential health hazards these lesions may pose, then you should schedule a consultation with ENT Specialists in Novi, Brighton, or Bingham Farms to explore your options for removal.

Your Skin Lesion Removal & Excision Procedure

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Depending on the kind and location of the growth, an individual may consider having a skin growth or lesion removed. If the growth is causing discomfort, it is still a viable cause to get it removed. In most circumstances, aberrant skin growths and lesions may be removed while the patient is sedated. The treatment may be carried out safely during an outpatient session.

Shave Removal

The surgeon may prescribe this surgical method if the patient has a raised growth, such as elevated moles. A topical anesthetic will be injected under the growth to alleviate any discomfort. The surgeon will use a razor to remove the lesion from the skin's surface. Sutures will not be required because the cut is minimal. However, minor redness or scarring at the surgery site is possible.

Snip Excision

The surgeon may propose the scissor or snip excision procedure for elevated lesions such as skin tags. Following a local anesthetic injection, the surgeon will use forceps to grip the growth securely and gently draw it away from the body. Next, they will delicately snip away the growth using curved scissors, cutting both under and around the region. Sutures will not be required, and scarring is anticipated to be mild.

Full Excision

If the growth has reached the deep dermal layers or the tumor is malignant, the surgeon may propose a thorough excision. A local anesthetic is generally all that is required for the surgery. Next, the surgeon will make an oval incision around the lesion, piercing the fatty tissue beneath the tumor to eradicate it thoroughly. Typically, the surgeon removes a margin of healthy tissue from around the tumor's borders. A pathological examination of this tissue will be undertaken later to establish whether all aberrant cells have been removed. The recovery time after a complete Skin Lesion Removal & Excision varies depending on the size and location of the lesion being removed.

Additional Reading

When melanoma is thoroughly removed in its pre-metastatic phases, the malignant cells are typically eliminated. Only a properly qualified and experienced dermatologist and surgeon should do the surgery. ENT Specialists is a fantastic, committed, and board-certified team of doctors that sees patients from Novi, Brighton, and Bingham Farms, MI, as well as other cities in the Detroit area.

Skin Lesion Removal & Excision Recovery

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After your Skin Lesion Removal & Excision Novi patients can take anywhere from 5 days to 2 to 3 weeks for their wound to heal. Most of the time, you will be told to avoid stretching the area where surgery was done for 2 to 3 weeks. Contact us if the spot of your skin excision gets hot, red, swollen, and painful. After having a skin lesion cut out, you should be able to return to work unless your job is too hard on the area where the surgery was done.

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Skin Lesion Removal & Excision Results

Fast Healing

Most wounds heal in one to three weeks. However, if you lose a lot of skin, you might need a skin graft. In that case, it might take longer to get better. Also, it's normal for the wound site to hurt a little.

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A Thorough Examination

Contact ENT Specialists if you have an abnormal growth or skin lesion that needs to be examined or removed. ENT Specialists in Novi, Michigan, can help you with any operation, from simple excision to a complete biopsy. Contact the clinic for a thorough skin examination and lesion excision.

Skin Lesion Removal & ExcisionFrequently Asked Questions

You shouldn't have much pain after your surgery. But it's normal to have some pain, swelling, or bruises. Your doctor may suggest that you buy over-the-counter medicines to ease any discomfort. Most people can go back to their regular lives the day after their procedure.

Skin Lesion Removal & Excision surgery is very safe and has a low risk of problems. Most people will feel some pain and bruises where the surgery was done. The size of the scar will depend on what kind of lesion was removed and how much skin was taken off. After surgery to remove a skin lesion, there is a slight chance that you will bleed, but this is very rare. If the wound gets infected, the scar may stand out more.

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