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Testing for allergies is a way to try to find out what or what causes your body to overreact. Our immune systems are set up to react to things in the environment, which is usually a good thing because it keeps us safe from possible dangers and poisons. This reaction sometimes goes a little too far or is set off by things that aren't dangerous, like pollen, pet hair, or peanuts. Most of the time, this overreaction is just annoying and inconvenient, but sometimes it can be deadly. Because of this, it is vital to us at ENT Specialists in Novi, Brighton, and Bingham Farms MI, to figure out what makes your body react so strongly. Schedule your Novi Allergy Testing consultation today to learn how you can get long-term relief from your allergies.

Why test for allergies?

It could save your life

Finding out what you are allergic to is an important first step to effective allergy treatment. Today, allergy tests are more convenient and accurate than ever before. When combined with an examination and medical history by your doctor, allergy testing can identify the specific things that are causing your allergies. What allergies can allergy testing find? Our allergy tests help find allergies to trees, pollen, weeds, grasses, dust mites, animals, and molds.

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What are the benefits of allergy testing?

A Breath of Relief

You suspect you have allergies. You have a number of strange symptoms that can't be explained. Sometimes you have to wheeze. Occasionally your eyes will water, and you'll feel like you have a cold, but no cold medicine will help. You might have had hives or a rash. If you have a severe reaction that causes swelling or makes it hard for you to bleed, you know that you have some kind of allergy. You need to find out what to do. Think about all the good things about getting Allergy Testing in Novi at our office.

Stop guessing about why you act the way you do. You might write down every time you have a symptom to figure out why they are happening. But you won't know until you test. It might be too risky to try exposing yourself to allergens on your own. With Allergy Testing Novi patients won't have to guess anymore. With testing, you will get clear answers and know where to go. Our allergy specialist can tell you what to do if you have an allergy attack. When you see what has been giving you trouble in the first place, you will also know how to avoid it.

Am I a good candidate for allergy testing?

More than the Usual Suspects

You may find yourself reaching for the over-the-counter antihistamines more often than you’d like to admit. Pollen, mildew, and pet dander are often thought of as the "usual suspects," but in reality, there are hundreds of probable causes for your allergies. To obtain the long-term relief you want from your allergies, you need to get to the root of what's troubling you. Allergy Testing is the most effective action in situations like this.

Your Allergy Testing Procedure

You’ll be comforted to know

There are three common ways to test the skin for allergies. With the skin prick test, your provider will put a small amount of solution that might be causing your symptoms on your skin, usually on the forearm, upper arm, or back. The skin is then poked so that the allergen can get under the skin. The health care provider keeps a close eye on the skin for signs of a reaction, such as redness, swelling, or other changes. Most of the time, you can see results in 15 to 20 minutes. At the same time, several allergens can be tested. Allergens are things that make people with allergies sick. The intradermal skin test injects a small amount of the allergen into the skin. The provider then waits to see how the site responds. Most often, this allergy test is used to see if you are allergic to bee venom or penicillin. Or, it may be used if the skin prick test came back negative, but the provider still thinks you are allergic to the allergen. Patch testing is a way to find out why a substance causes a reaction on the skin after it touches the skin. For 48 hours, possible allergens are taped to the skin. In 72 to 96 hours, the provider will look at the area.

Allergy Testing Recovery

Get Allergies Out of Your Way

When the skin is poked during a skin test, very minor pain may be experienced. If you're allergic to the chemical in the test, you may have symptoms like itching, a stuffy nose, red, watery eyes, or a rash. In rare instances, patients might experience a life-threatening, whole-body allergic reaction (called anaphylaxis). Typically, this only occurs during intradermal testing. Your healthcare professional will be prepared to treat this severe reaction. Patch testing may be uncomfortable or annoying. Once the patch tests are removed, these symptoms will go.

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Results of Allergy Testing

Testing Means Treatment!

A negative test result indicates that the allergen did not cause any skin changes. This negative reaction often indicates that the individual is not allergic to the drug. Rarely, despite a negative Allergy Testing result, a person may nonetheless be allergic to the chemical. A positive result indicates an adverse reaction to a drug. Your provider will observe a red, elevated region known as a wheal. Typically, a positive test indicates that your symptoms are caused by exposure to that chemical. A greater reaction indicates more sensitivity to the drug. Individuals might have a positive reaction to a chemical on an allergy skin test, yet have no difficulties with that substance in daily life. Your doctor at ENT Specialists in Novi, Brighton, and Bingham Farms will examine your symptoms and the findings of your skin test before recommending lifestyle modifications to help you avoid chemicals that may be causing your symptoms.

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Improve your Quality of Life

A simple, uncomfortable encounter might be transformed into a disastrous one if the individual is unaware of severe sensitivities to relatively uncommon substances. Knowing what to look out for may bring about a sense of relief, and the experts at ENT Specialists in Novi, Brighton, and Bingham Farms, Michigan, will be able to guide you in the right direction in this regard. Make an appointment for your Novi Allergy Testing consultation right now. We are excited to get to know you better and assist you in living the most extraordinary life possible right now.

Allergy TestingFrequently Asked Questions

Before your Allergy Testing appointment, you should avoid taking any antihistamines or any other over-the-counter allergy medicines for seven days. You will also want to avoid wearing any colognes, perfumes, or scented body lotions, as these could have allergens that skew the results. Your doctor will go over, in detail, what you need to prepare for your test.

Most people get itchy and swollen at the test site, but this goes away in a few hours. Other possible side effects include eye, nose, and throat itching, a runny nose, wheezing, dizziness, hives, and nausea.

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