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The audiologists at The Hearing Center at ENT Specialists are experienced in the care and rehabilitation of hearing problems. They use the latest technology to analyze complex problems and fit the most up to date technology in hearing instrumentation.

We have two locations to serve our community, conveniently located in Novi and Brighton. Staffed by five licensed audiologists and five board-certified physicians, we take the team approach to your hearing health care.

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Our Services Include

Hearing care professionals recommend at minimum annual hearing testing to measure an individual’s ability to hear at normal sound levels. When loss is identified, we record and report type, degree, and shape of loss. Objective test results are used to determine candidacy for and type of treatment. Advanced diagnostic hearing testing is performed by a licensed audiologist in collaboration with attending board certified ear, nose, and throat medical doctors.
When sensorineural loss is identified and need for amplification determined by the audiologist and physician, we perform a thorough listening needs and lifestyle assessment to gain subjective data that helps guide our recommendation of optimal hearing technology. Results from both the diagnostic hearing test and the hearing needs evaluation determine the customized hearing aid solution for every candidate.
The audiologist is skilled to select the best of available hearing aid technology to match your hearing loss, ear geometry, daily usage requirements, performance needs, cosmetic preferences, and budget. Details gathered from the hearing needs evaluation make this selection process easy and comfortable. Initial customized programming and fitting of instruments is included in the upfront cost for hearing care treatment.
Routine general maintenance and cleaning of hearing devices are included in the upfront price for the length of warranty per selected device. Our on-sight repair lab enables us to perform minor hearing instrument repairs for you. For major repairs, we offer individuals free loaner devices during the length of the repair period, upon availability.
Routine adjustments of hearing instruments are included in the upfront cost for treatment for the length of warranty per selected device. Once hearing aids are fit to satisfaction, generally adjustments occur every 6 months or when changes to device performance warrant correction for optimization.
Tinnitus, often referred to as “Ringing or Buzzing in the ears,” can be annoying and debilitating for many. Our audiologists are educated to offer effective assessment, counseling, and treatment to help individuals manage their tinnitus. We employ the most advanced sound therapy available to help reduce the symptoms of this disorder. Tinnitus management can be applied in conjunction with or independent from hearing loss treatment.
Ancillary devices can improve one’s hearing in many of the most challenging listening situations. Today’s assistive listening and wireless connectivity devices can shorten the distance between a sound source of interest and the ear by delivering direct audio steaming to hearing instruments. From TV sound to phone conversation, to voices of friends and family, we offer affordable solutions as alternatives to or enhancements of advanced hearing aid technology.
Comprehensive hearing healthcare extends beyond testing and treatment for hearing loss. Our audiologists are committed to help protect the ear and our system of hearing through products that focus on hearing conservation. Protective products include custom noise protection for recreational and occupational usage and swimmers’ ear plugs.

About ENT Specialists

We are a private six physician group board certified in Otolaryngology, Head & Neck Surgery, and Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery.


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