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Sinus Surgery… Is it really that painful?


Sinus surgery has advanced dramatically over the years. First off, advances in medical care and antibiotics have significantly reduced the number of patients requiring sinus surgery. But our surgical techniques have also advanced providing fewer complications and less discomfort.

Traditionally sinus surgery was performed with a nasal speculum and instruments that allowed the surgeon to remove tissue and open the sinus with essentially a blind view. Today we are using endoscopic techniques that allow us to visualize exactly where we are working which allows for effective surgery with a minimal complication rate.

Prior to the development of endoscopic techniques, surgeons controlled the bleeding by packing the nose which would then stay there for a week or longer. Needless to say, this was very uncomfortable for the patient and required extended time off from work. Today were are able to control bleeding during the surgery using small cautery devices or dissolvable gels that have hemostatic properties. This allows us to send patients home without any packing which provides for a much more comfortable experience. A majority of the ENT Specialist's patients are able to return to regular activity and even work within several days.

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