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New Allergy Therapy

Are you an allergy sufferer? Have you tried numerous medications that don’t seem to help? Have you ever wanted to get allergy shots but didn’t want to go to the doctor’s office every week and wait for 20 minutes afterwards? Well, we have the solution for you…

We are excited to offer our patients sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT). Similar to allergy shots, SLIT is intended to down regulate your body’s immune response to allergens, thereby decreasing your body’s allergic response during allergy season. SLIT has been around for years and is now becoming more popular as it is recognized for being just as effective as allergy shots with the convenience of being able to administer the drops at home. The drops are placed beneath the tongue each morning. This repeated exposure to your allergic substances actually decreases the overall allergic response. Even better, the administration of SLIT is not associated with the risk of a severe allergic response and therefore can be used at home!! We prepare the dropper vials for you so that they can be taken home and used each morning. SLIT is a great way to control your allergies and get your life back to normal.

Please schedule an appointment with the ENT Specialists today to discuss SLIT and determine your candidacy. You will require allergy testing which will be arranged though the office. Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions or concerns.

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